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First Steps in the Heart of Florence

The history of Principe di Firenze has been linked to the city since 1930, where it was born as a shirt shop. To get the atmosphere you have to think of that Florence there, that of the Gabinetto Vieusseux (the google of those times) of the great (requited) love with the English, who had chosen Florence to set up a home, family and industry, and that of a cultured and refined tourism.

The Soul of Florence

More than a city, Florence was a way of life, and those shirts, which still today constitute a strong piece among the other exclusive tasteful and luxury productions collected over the years, best interpreted that identity and contemporaneity.

The city that is more than just a city. A land of history, culture and love, where art and life blend. In the Vieusseux Cabinet and in the British influence, we found the roots of the identity that still characterizes us today.

An Identity That Transcends Time

Over the decades, we have cultivated and perfected our personalities, generation after generation.

A personality interwoven with beauty, uniqueness and nobility, which still gives charm to our shop today.

Our shirts, custodians of the essence of Florence, are just a fragment of this constantly evolving identity.


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